Life League Gear & Lobster League Gear featured on Joe Oceansides Youtube Channel!

Life League Gear is honored to be selected and featured on the Joe Oceanside youtube channel this week! 

Joe Oceanside is all about the dive community and being outdoors so its natural that he loved using some of our latest dive and lobstering gear! Check out his video below and also make sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel for the latest educational and product review videos that focus on the diving community!


About Joe Oceanside:

"Let's go explore underwater together! 🦈 Come along with me on underwater adventures as we explore through freediving, scuba, snorkeling and more. 😱 I love to underwater treasure hunt and metal detect, spearfish and try out new gear. SUBSCRIBE for entertaining and educational adventures. 👍 Thanks again to my AMAZING youtube audience! 🙏 Now Let's get out there and EXPLORE!"

If you need to gear up for a successful dive and lobstering trip for spiny lobster then check out our quality gear today. We everything you need to catch spiny lobster in Florida and even around the world! 


To subscribe to Joe Oceanside on youtube click this link below:



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