How to catch Florida Lobsters?

Florida lobster season is a highly anticipated time for many seafood lovers and fishermen. The warm waters of Florida are home to some of the best tasting lobster in the world, and with the right equipment from Lobster League Gear and Life League Gear, catching them is easier than you might think. In this article, we'll show you how to use their net kit, gloves, snares, lobster hotel, tickle stick, and measuring gauge to catch Florida lobster.

  1. Get a License: The first thing you'll need to do before lobstering in Florida is to get a recreational saltwater fishing license, as well as a lobster permit.

  2. Plan your Trip: Next, plan your lobstering trip, taking into consideration the tides, moon phase, and weather conditions. You'll want to go when the water is clear and calm, making it easier to spot the lobsters.

  3. Assemble Your Gear: Once you have your license and plan, it's time to assemble your gear. Lobster League Gear and Life League Gear offer a wide range of equipment to make your lobstering trip successful.

  4. Wear Gloves: Start by putting on your Lobster League Gear gloves, which are specially designed to protect your hands while handling the lobsters. The gloves are made from a durable material that is resistant to cuts and punctures.

  5. Use a Tickle Stick: Next, use a tickle stick to locate the lobster in its hiding spot. A tickle stick is a long, thin metal rod with a bend at the end that allows you to gently poke and prod the lobster out of its hiding place.

  6. Use a Net Kit: Once the lobster is out in the open, you can use a net kit to catch it. The Lobster League Gear net kit comes with a frame, handle, and a net sleeve. Simply slide the sleeve onto the frame and handle, and you're ready to go. Use the net to scoop up the lobster and bring it aboard.

  7. Measure Your Lobster: Before keeping your lobster, make sure it meets the minimum size limit. Use a measuring gauge from Life League Gear to ensure your lobster is of legal size. The gauge measures the carapace length, which is the distance between the lobster's eyes and the start of its tail.

  8. Keep Your Lobster: If the lobster is of legal size, you can keep it in a lobster hotel from Lobster League Gear until you're ready to cook it.

  9. Use a Snare: If you're having trouble catching a lobster with the net, you can also use a snare from Lobster League Gear. A snare is a looped wire with a handle that you can use to capture the lobster's tail.

With the right equipment and techniques, catching Florida lobster can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just remember to follow all regulations and limits set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and always prioritize safety. Happy lobstering with Lobster League Gear and Life League Gear equipment!



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