Unisex Kajiki Hooded Rashguard

Size: M
Color: Kajiki Blue
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Kajiki is a term for pacific blue marlin that is commonly used around Hawaii’s fish markets and offshore fishing fleets. The name for all marlin in the Hawaiian language is A’u, and this distinction was derived from the Japanese name Kurokajiki. The blue marlin is no doubt the apex billfish of its pelagic environment. In 1970 the largest recorded pacific blue marlin ever caught on rod and reel weighing in at 1805 pounds was landed by a group of anglers aboard the charter boat Coreene C skippered by Capt. Cornelius Choy. Though males rarely exceed 300 lbs and females rarely exceed 1000 lbs, larger females are out there. Commercial fisherman have reportedly boated much larger fish with rumors existing of a behemoth Blue Marlin brought into the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan that weighed in at nearly 2,500 pounds. Lacking the obvious stripes of the nairagi aka striped marlin this apex predator relies on its color contrast to blend in.


  • 2-Tone dye camouflage on 255gsm Ultra-Stretch Poly Lycra Laminate

 Kajiki Rashguard Details

  • Hood with neoprene face seal for added all-day comfort
  • 7mm chest loading pad on exterior of suit
  • Emergency Whistle with integrated pocket
  • Protective screens on chestpad and elbows
  • Thumbloops for secured fit
  • Anti-slip silicone inner binding in bottom hem
  • Structural loop in front to fasten your board shorts 

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