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Introducing the Long Fin Backpack Dive Bag by Life League Gear / Lobster League Gear, the ultimate dive bag for free-diving, lobster hunting, and spearfishing enthusiasts.

Crafted from strong, durable materials, this backpack bag is designed to last, with enhanced zippers and bungee cords for added security. The wearable backpack design ensures that you can easily transport all of your gear, with multiple strap options for added convenience.

The Long Fin Backpack Bag features a waterproof cooler storage area with an insulated inner liner, perfect for keeping your drinks and snacks cool on a hot day out on the water. The wet gear area with ventilation and multiple drain vents provides a safe and secure place to store your wet gear, while the small pocket for valuables keeps your important items close at hand.

This backpack bag is designed to accommodate two spearguns or pole spears, and can hold 2 of our folding lobster net kits with a set of long fins, making it the perfect bag for all of your diving needs.

With its versatile design, durable construction, and ample storage space, the Long Fin Backpack Bag by Life League Gear / Lobster League Gear is the perfect accessory for any diving enthusiast. Get yours now while supplies last!


Need to know if it fits?

Main compartment area is 39" max length by 7" wide.

Smaller compartment area in 29.5" max length by 7" wide.

Recommended load: In addition to the bag compartment areas, this bag can also hold:

1 pole spear & 1 spear gun on each side of the bag.

(2 pole spears and 2 spear guns total)

Customer Reviews

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Love this bag!

I was looking to get a freedive fin bag and when I measured this up to any of the competitors this had everything they had plus more at a much better price point. Seeing it in person at DEMA easily sold me when I realized it also had space for my LL lobster net and tie offs for my speargun. I am in a boat club and this bag can be my grab and go with everything I need for a quick outing. Mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt, knife, speargun, lobster net, dive flag (mine is inflatable and fits in with everything else), secure the boat dive flag to the side, and even a few beers in the outside pocket. I don't know if the pocket is insulated like a cooler but it has that look and does a good job keeping them cold. Probably not supposed to carry this much weight in the bag but it does a great job.

Amazing bag and attention to detail

I’m in product manufacturing and you can tell the immense amount of time and attention to detail put into this bag. Everything down to the stitching is top notch and it’s extremely well thought out. This bag holds my fins, lionfish spear, their awesome lobster net, a lobster snare and two masks with extra room, easy to transport to the boat and keep organized. The front pocket can also double as a cooler which is awesome.

Thank you!

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