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The Sunglass Silicone Strap by Life League Gear is a durable and practical accessory that helps to keep your sunglasses safe and secure. Made from high-quality stretch-silicone material, this strap is designed to fit most sunglasses and eyewear styles.

The strap features a silicone adjustment bead with a custom Life League Gear logo, which allows you to adjust the fit of the strap to your desired length. The strap is designed to be comfortable to wear, so you can keep your sunglasses on your head or around your neck without any discomfort.

Available in eight color options, this sunglasses strap is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your sunglasses and eyewear. Whether you prefer bright and bold colors or more subtle and classic shades, there is a color option to suit your style.

Overall, the Sunglass Silicone Strap by Life League Gear is a practical and stylish accessory that helps to protect your sunglasses from getting lost or scratched. With its high-quality materials and customizable features, this strap is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their sunglasses safe and secure while on the go.

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Mel Essig
Great product!

Awesome, very light weight and great quality!

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