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Now you can refill your Spare Air / HEED to 3000 psi using this customized hand pump (not recommended for EasyDive). Ready to go out of the box!   Hill pumps are the most durable and consistent hand pumps on the market. They're easy to use and maintain, and they're very reliable.

Hill Pump MK5 Kit high-quality, high-pressure hand pump includes:
  • Custom Refill Adapter #930C ($65 MSRP value) to attach to Spare Air/HEED regulator
  • Dry-Pac system: this top of the line desiccant system removes around 90% of moisture from the air and sets Hill apart from other hand pumps on the market
  • New color changing media for the Dry-Pac (color changing moisture saturation indicator beads)
  • Easiest pump yet - 20% easier for the average person
  • Reach higher pressures at a much easier rate
  • Manufactured and hand-assembled by Hill in England
  • Each unit 100% tested by Hill before packing and shipping
  • 5-year limited warranty (with US main distributor)
  • NLGI 2 Silicone Grease 15g
Manufactured by Hill, UK. Hill is known in the industry for making superior hand pumps that require less effort. They've been producing commercial pumps for over 170 years and their pumps have a reputation for being extremely durable and outlasting other pumps by many years.

Pumping details:
  • Eliminates dependency on dive shops or scuba tanks for filling. Portable – no electricity needed!
  • To fill a 1.1 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 150 pumps, 5 minutes with breaks
  • To fill a 1.7 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 210 pumps, 10 minutes with breaks
  • To fill a 3.0 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 450 pumps, 20 minutes with breaks
  • To fill a 6.0 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 900 pumps, 40 minutes with breaks
  • Most sellers of the pump are not providing realistic pumping information - our estimates above are based on real tests we performed ourselves. Breaks are necessary to let the pump cool down.

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