Children's Spearfishing Wetsuit

Color: goliath-grouper
Size: 2
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The Waihana Children's Spearfishing Wetsuit is a remarkable combination of comfort, safety, and performance designed specifically for the young underwater adventurers. Crafted from high-quality eco-friendly limestone neoprene, this wetsuit provides an optimal balance of flexibility and insulation to keep your child warm and agile in the water. The suit features a sleek, hydrodynamic design to reduce drag, enabling smoother, faster movements under the sea.

Adorned with a camouflaged print, the wetsuit also aids in blending with the underwater environment, making it easier for your child to get closer to marine life without causing a disturbance. Durable knee pads are incorporated to ensure longevity, even with the extra wear and tear from adventurous dives. A sturdy back zipper with a long leash enables easy wearing and removal of the suit.

Whether your child is just starting their spearfishing journey or already passionate about underwater exploration, the Waihana Children's Spearfishing Wetsuit is the perfect gear to enhance their experience and keep them safe (under your direct supervision of course!) and comfortable on every dive.

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