The coolest boating and fishing products of ICAST 2023!

In this video, we'll be taking a look at the coolest boating and fishing products at iCast 2023. From kayaks and paddleboards to fishing gear and more, we'll have something for everyone! Check out the coolest inflatable paddleboards, inflatable kayaks and boats. From amazing brands like Bote, Live Watersports, GoBoat, Life League Gear and more.



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0:00 iCast 2023

0:31 GoBoat 2.0

1:22 Folding Kayak: Oru kayak

2:24 Live Paddle-boards

4:13 BOTE Water Hammock

5:00 BOTE Kayak and Paddle-board

6:07 Cooler Backpack: Life League

7:22 Fishing Paddle-board: NRS

8:02 Lobster Snare: Life League

9:15 BOTE Hangout

9:43 Fishing Camera: Westin Escape

11:17 RC Fishing Boat




Can anyone tell me what kayak this is on the front page of the Utube screen at the top of this page “ The future of fishing “
Any info would be appreciated. 😃



Can you tell me what kayak is it you show the picture of on the front of your video but give no information on it.
Grey and orange showing “the future of fishing”
It looks fantastic. 😃

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