Ladies and Gentlemen, Lobster Hunters, and Ocean Enthusiasts!


Dare to take the plunge, immerse yourself in an ocean of possibilities, and embark on an adventure that combines thrill, camaraderie, and an audacious cause. This year, South Florida will witness a spectacle like no other – “Bugfest Pompano Beach 2023". This is not just a lobster mini season tournament; it's a daring journey that connects sport, community, and environmental stewardship, hosted by the altruistic D.I.V.E.R. Foundation.


For the spirited, the tournament presents the thrill of the chase, the unity in competition, and the triumph of the capture. This isn't just about lobsters; it's about creating lasting memories while embracing the excitement that comes with the challenge.


But, as the saying goes, "Every Lobster Has a Tale," and so does our tournament. Rooted within the heart of this event is a noble cause. With every splash, every laugh, and every catch, we are working towards promoting environmental conservation. For every creature that calls the ocean home and for future generations who deserve to marvel at its beauty, we are making a difference.


Moreover, this event is an homage to our brave veterans and first responders. It's not just about fostering resilience but also about expressing gratitude, offering support, and reminding them that they are never alone. With this, Bugfest Pompano Beach 2023 morphs into something much more significant than just a sporting event.


The Lobster Tournament will unfold over two exciting days: Day 1, on Tues. July 25th, 2023, features the captains' meeting, a lobstering seminar, and a lively kick-off party from 5:30pm-7:30pm at The Plunge in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Day 2 brings the thrill of the hunt, weigh-In's, an awards party, and a raffle, from 3:30pm-6:30pm at Sands Harbor Resort & Marina in Pompano Beach.


We need YOUR help to make this a reality! We are looking for tournament participants, event sponsors, and raffle donations. This is a unique opportunity to align your brand with a cause that matters, gain visibility among a vibrant community, and support the effort to preserve our oceans.


We also invite restaurants, businesses, and individuals to donate unique items for our raffle. Not only will your donation support a worthy cause, but it will also offer the participants a chance to win some amazing prizes.


So, join us on this thrilling adventure, as we intertwine sport, community, and environmental consciousness, and contribute to a cause that goes beyond the ordinary. Remember, every wave begins with a ripple. Let's create ours together!


Save the date. Join the fun. Be a part of the change!
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Tues: July 25, 2023 | Captains Meeting, Lobster Seminar, & Kick-Off Party

5:30pm-8:30pm, The Plunge Beach Resort, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea


Wed: July 26, 2023 | Mini-Season Lobster Weigh-In’s, Awards, & Raffle

3:00pm-6:00pm, Sands Harbor Resort & Marina, Pompano Beach


Sat: July 29, 2023 | Music Festival & Scuba4Good Raffle

3:00-9:00pm, El Prado Park, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea





(Sponsorships help make this event possible)


To sponsor this event please click here and send .png or .jpg logos to: Vincent Hogan | EnjoyLife@LifeLeagueGear.com | 965-615-8824




*Bronze Sponsor



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Lobster Tournament Entry for 6




(Raffle donations also help make this event possible)

Contact: Vincent Hogan | EnjoyLife@LifeLeagueGear.com | 965-615-8824



Current List:


7 Night Stay at El Cid Resort in Cozumel

7 Night Stay at Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort in Roatan

3 Night Stay at Sea Cliff Resort in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

1 Year Membership to 9 Round Boxing Gym

Private Concert with Mark Zaden

PADI Open Water Certification with Brad Gagas

Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer from Gold Coast Scuba

Gift Basket from Fort Lauderdale Hair

Discover Scuba, Snorkel and Dive Trips from Dixie Divers

Life League Gear Boating Essentials Kit - Cooler Backpack, Polarized Sunglasses, 2 Straw Hats, 2 30 oz. Tumblers, 2 Beach Towels

Lobster League Lobstering Pro Kit - Folding Net Kit, Lobster Snare, Lobster Gloves, Lobster Hotel, Dive Knife




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