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Introducing a new era in diving with a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage regulator under $350! The Magnum, built on the well-known durability and reliability of the Brut, takes performance to the next level. It features a venturi device that reduces breathing resistance when you need it most, and a flow control switch for better manageability at the surface or in shallow water.

Innovative design defines the Sherwood first stage regulator. Incorporating a dry sealed spring, the unique flow-by piston design mechanically balances air, ensuring excellent breathing at any cylinder pressure. Made of marine grade chrome-plated brass, this regulator stays clean and contaminant-free, even in harsh environments.

The dry seal function enables the regulator to increase intermediate pressure without messy oils or grease, making it a favorite among repair technicians. The first stage features two 7/16" threaded high pressure (HP) ports and four 3/8" threaded low pressure (LP) ports for gauges and accessories. Its tee-shaped design minimizes contact with the back of the head while mounted on a tank.

The Magnum's second stage boasts a large diaphragm and exhaust valve for optimal inhalation response and reduced exhalation resistance. The single valve tube construction and co-molded mouthpiece, using two different silicone compounds, ensure precision and reduced jaw fatigue. The regulator's high impact glass-filled polyamide housing is perfect for rugged applications.

Equipped with a dive/pre-dive venturi switch to prevent free flow, a 3/8" threaded 31" (78.75 cm) low pressure hose, and compatibility with 40% nitrox out-of-the-box, the Magnum is an excellent choice for diving enthusiasts. An owner's manual is included for your convenience.


Sherwood Magnum Pro Regulator Features

  • Sherwood Magnum Pro Regulator:
  • Dawn of a New Era
  • Pneumatically Balanced 2'nd Stage in a Rental Regulator!
  • Totally-Redesigned: Provides Outstanding Breathing Performance
  • Magnum Maintains Dedication to Rugged Reliability Combined with Ease of Maintenance
  • Overwhelming Favorite for Entry Level Applications for Decades
  • Simple Reliability
  • NITROX Compatible to 40% Oxygen Out-of-the-Box"
  • 3/8" Threaded 31" (78.75 cm) Low Pressure Hose
  • First Stage:Sherwood Dry Sealed Regulator
  • Innovation at its Best!
  • Incorporates Sherwood's Patented Dry Sealed Spring:
    Keeps Intricate Components Clean and Contaminate Free
    No Messy Oils or Grease as with More Sophisticated Designs
    Environmentally Sealed w/o the Mess!
    Seals-Out Sand, Silt, Salt and Chlorine Contaminates
    Less Maintenance
  • Mechanically Balanced Flow-By Piston
  • Flow-By Piston: "Fail Safe" Mechanism
  • Excellent Breathing Characteristics at Full or Low Cylinder Pressures
  • Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass for Long Life and Durability
  • Two 7/16" Threaded High Pressure (HP) Ports
  • Four 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure (LP) Ports
  • Tee-Shaped Design: Reduces Regulator Profile, Minimizing Opportunity to Contact Back of Head
  • High Capacity Inlet Filter for Smooth Delivery of Air to Second Stage
  • Second-Stage: Sherwood Magnum Pro
  • Pneumatically Balanced Design
  • Dive/Pre-Dive Venturi Switch
  • Switch: Prevents Free-Flow w/Surface Swimming & Entry from Boats
  • Same Air Delivery at 3,000 psi or 500 psi, (200 bars or 30 bars)
  • Sherwood: Improving the Diving Experience
  • Single Valve Tube Construction: Precise Channel for Valve to Operate
  • Larger Diaphragm for Optimal Response to Inhalation
  • Larger Exhaust Valve for Decreased Exhalation Resistance
  • Resilient Silicone Rubber Seat
  • Precision - Delrin Lever for Smooth Effortless Breathing
  • High Impact Glass-Filled Polyamide Housing for Rugged Applications
  • Co-Molded Mouthpiece: Reduces Jaw Fatigue

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