Onyx Freediving fins XL

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Shop the Sherwood Onyx Flex Free Diving Fins, a versatile product suitable for both free diving and scuba diving. With their flexible and powerful blades, these fins offer enhanced performance and leverage for divers, whether they are using a cylinder or not. Explore the world of free diving with these top-quality fins.


  • The sport of free diving is gaining popularity in the diving community.
  • Freediving products also can be used in many applications for scuba diving as well.
  • The Sherwood Onyx Flex Free Diving Fins are a popular product.
  • The Onyx fins are very flexible with tremendous snap in the blade.
  • These fins can be used with scuba equipment.
  • The longer blades provide additional power and leverage for the diver.
  • Can be used with or without a cylinder on the diver's back.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable foot pocket.
  • Stiff foot pad carried to the back of the heel for significant energy transfer.
  • Blade channels optimize thrust.
  • Highly flexible and light weight blade.
  • Specifically designed for Free Diving and Spear Fishing.
  • Polypropylene composite blade.
  • Available Colors: Black
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