Beyond Fluorocarbon Leader Material 50YD - Pink Or Clear

Color: Pink
Pound Test: 10LB
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Ships from Miami Florida, United States of America!
  • 100% FLUOROCARBON LEADER - Our line is made of 100% Pure Fluorocarbon leader material specified by the pros
  • ULTIMATE ABRASION RESISTANCE- Ultra-strong construction allows you to yank fish out of the toughest of situations & withstand the rough-mouthed and toothy fish.
  • VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE UNDERWATER- Fluorocarbon has a lower-reflective index making it disappear underwater. Hides your line so fish can't see it coming.
  • SUPERIOR KNOT STRENGTH- Sinches beautifully and holds every knot you will tie.
  • FASTER SINK RATE - Zero water absorption allows for a very fast sinking rate over the traditional mono line.


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